Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Our Hopes and Aspirations

Please see below for this year's school development plan targets. We are working towards completing these through many actions across the year. 

Quality of education focus:

Develop the quality and opportunity for writing across the school, particularly for boys, in all subject areas to increase the proportion of pupils exceeding the expected standards (in all year groups).

Further enhance the school curriculum to encourage curious and independent learners.

Behaviour and attitude focus:

Value and support pupils, ensuring all learners’ needs are catered for.

Personal development focus:

Further involve the community to ‘raise our children.’

Leadership and management focus:

Enable all ‘stakeholders’ to become driven, challenging and inspiring leaders.

Our Flourishing Tree

Our Flourish tree encourages children to grow, develop and Flourish through their time at Fordham.  Each year, we ask our children to reflect on what their hopes and aspirations for the year are. Every leaf has an aspirational target written by our pupils themselves promoting them to be ambitious and adventurous! The flowers at the bottom have the names of our Early Years classes who will grow and add to the tree as they progress through school.