Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Church of England Distinctiveness

We are a voluntary controlled Church of England school, belonging to the Diocese of Ely.  This means that we have close links with our local church as well as being part of the local and wider community.

Each day children and staff partake in acts of Collective Worship that are Christian in character.  Obviously, parents do have the statutory right under Section 71 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 to withdraw their children from RE lessons and acts of Collective Worship but we really do encourage all children to be part of these times as they are fundamental to building our school community.

Latest SIAMS Inspection: July 2015

Previous Inspection:  June 2010

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"...we are all members of one not let the sun go down while you are still angry."  (Ephesians 4:25/26)

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Lent Challenge 2021 is about hope and a future. A future for us all in God's world. 

There is much in the world at the moment where hope is needed. Life seems as if it has been put on hold, but God's love is always there for us all. 

This Lent, we are asking all our school, children and staff to take part in Bishop Stephen's Lent Challenge 2021, to know that we live in hope and we live in God. 

As we continue to live with the Covid-19 pandemic, we have many hopes for the future. Out world and our lives have been shaken and we have experienced hardships and loss of life. Above all, we have experienced fear, isolation and enormous changes in our way of life. 

In our schools, it has been a complicated and difficult time. What can we do? Where should we look for help? How do we live our lives in this new world? Many of our children and families have experienced trauma and we have been there for them as much more than educators alone. 

Children are remarkably resilient and can lift our own spirits as they enable us to see the hope and joy that is still with us. God works with us all as his children to enable us to support each other, fight the virus, to regain our lives and to see a future in God's love and hope. 

We would like to enable an open-ended approach to the Lent Challenge this year. We would like to hear from children and staff about their ideas and their thoughts; from doubt and fear to hope and a future. We would like the children to be creative in how this is expressed and communicated. The challenge is to make this year a digital year with all responses to be un a virtual form. This can be prayers, hymns and songs, video stories, podcasts and ways that the school has reached out to others. 

Christian hope is not about trying hard to be optimistic for the future. Rather, Christian hope is what happens when we are set alight with the vision for God's world as one where all can flourish. Christian hope energizes us to walk towards and into this future to which God calls us, and already to realise this future in our lives and schools and communities.