Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Church of England Distinctiveness

We are a voluntary controlled Church of England school, belonging to the Diocese of Ely.  This means that we have close links with our local church as well as being part of the local and wider community.

Each day children and staff partake in acts of Collective Worship that are Christian in character.  Obviously, parents do have the statutory right under Section 71 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 to withdraw their children from RE lessons and acts of Collective Worship but we really do encourage all children to be part of these times as they are fundamental to building our school community.

Latest SIAMS Inspection: July 2015

Previous Inspection:  June 2010

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"...we are all members of one not let the sun go down while you are still angry."  (Ephesians 4:25/26)

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Lent Challenge 2020 is about the planet, creation and life, and how we act as stewards of God’s World. Viewed from space, the earth is seen as a beautiful blue planet, full of life and diversity. It is a great gift and as people, we are stewards of the planet for all life forms living and inhabiting the earth, on land, in sea and air.

It is undoubtedly under threat in 2020, and there are significant groups who are working tirelessly to make sure we take steps to save the planet from pollution and misuse. Many of these groups are children and young people, who have a voice in so many ways.

We are seeking to work with all children and staff in our schools to think and reflect about the concept of God’s Creation – A gift or a loan? How do we see the earth in the solar system and universe? Is this something we can take and use or misuse? Or is it something for us be part of and look after? Is it a well wrapped present which we can discard after use? Conversely, is it a present we can thankfully receive and look after enabling others to also receive and pass on in a good state to the next generation.

Many questions and we don’t have all the answers! But we want to hear from the children in our schools; their ideas, their views and especially suggestions on how we can make things better.