Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School


When people visit our school, they leave feeling impressed with the standard of education on offer but, more importantly, the positive ethos that is exuded by staff and pupils alike.  We often receive comments about our school and felt that we should begin to share these with the wider world.  Here are just a few recent examples:

I just wanted to say that I thought the Flamingo class production was excellent.  It's wonderful to see the kids bring the curriculum alive themselves instead of just being spoon fed in a classroom.  I don't often get to share in their school lives due to work so I really appreciate that lots of people gave up their time out of hours.

Initially, I wanted to say that it was great to see my daughter so enthused but also beyond that, her sister in Year 3 was quoting all the dates and relating it to things she was thinking about.  Based on that I think it got a larger portion of the school enthused.  My daughter was talking about it non-stop for days and days, she wanted to buy the book, she wants to join the history society.  Brilliant work! 


Just a quick note to say thank you for today's guitar assembly.  My son played brilliantly and was so proud of himself.  It was so lovely to see him in his moment of glory and it's so nice for the school to offer these extra curricular lessons, so thank you for this.


From the feedback we [Uni. of Cambridge] have received, it is clear that the students benefited considerably from the time they spent in your school.  I am sure that their confidence in the classroom has increased as a result of working alongside Miss. Pack.


What an amazing team you have at Fordham!  I am very proud to say my children have been a part of it.



Thank you so much for everything you're doing to help my child settle into your school.  He has settled in incredibly quickly, thanks to you and your wonderful staff.  We all really love the school and look forward to spending many more years with your school.


Such a lovely, welcoming school.  As an NQT it was fantastic to see outstanding practice in person.  Lovely, polite children!


What an amazing school!  All children and adults were so welcoming and friendly.  Learnt so much from a wonderful computing lead.  I have really taken a lot from the visit.  Thank you!


I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much our children have loved their teachers this year!  I have never known my children to be quite as enthused as they are about their teachers.


An excellent visit - the children that showed us around were brilliant and very informative. 


 Very welcoming!  The children spoke so positively about the school and the wonderful new building.  You are very luck to have such great resources and such an enthusiastic subject lead.


A great tour around school by the children.  Really enjoyed seeing how tech was used and ideas from the computing coordinator.


The school building is very welcoming, bright and cheerful.  I was very welcomed into the Year 1 classroom with Mrs. Holland.  A very engaged class, lovely to work with groups of children.  Great to see different approaches, a great school to visit.


Really great to see a school with such a great emphasis and understanding of computing and technology.  A good session to start thinking about how I can implement a better curriculum in my school.


I just wanted to say thank you.  I was lucky enough to bring my grandson to school last Friday.  As we came up the road an older child greeted him, high fived him and chatted to him.  It was a lovely start to the day for my grandson and I realised that this was the child in Year 6 who has acted as a buddy to my grandson this year, whom I have heard quite a lot about.  My grandson introduced his buddy to me - what a fantastic ambassador for your school he is, confident to talk and polite.