Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Service Families in School

What is Service Pupil Premium?

The DfE introduced Service Pupil Premium in April 2011 in recognition of the specific challenges children from service families face and as part of the commitment to delivering the armed forces covenant.

Service Pupil Premium funding assists the school in providing additional support for these children which is mainly pastoral support during challenging times and to help mitigate the negative impact on service children of family mobility or parental deployment.

Measure Details

How did you spend your service pupil premium allocation last academic year?

Special support groups continued for Service pupils lead by the Pastoral and Welfare Teacher to develop social and emotional skills with a focus on communication and positive behaviour; resilience; friendships; well-being; with opportunities to discuss any concerns including deployment.  These sessions were organised into smaller groups as the number of pupils legible had increased and therefore the number of sessions increased.

A special Deployment activity pack for Service pupils continued to be available for Service families.

What was the impact of that spending on service pupil premium eligible pupils?

• Pupils were supported

• There were fewer behaviour incidents or emotional concerns

• Emotional issues do not impact on attainment and


• Pupils had the opportunity through special service groups with Pastoral Teacher to express how they feel and adjust to their parent being away

• Service pupils felt valued and all pupils were made aware of the challenges that Service pupils may experience


In school support 

Sessions with our Pastoral teacher, Mrs. Lawes: 

This is a weekly session in which pupils from military families can engage with each other. Pupils take part in a range of activities designed to allow them to have some fun and a chance to relate to others who may have similar experiences to them. Pupils have an opportunity to share how they are feeling week to week and support to manage difficult times, including deployments as well as transitions if they move away. Peer support and is encouraged and celebrated within the groups, enhancing pupils sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Sessions with our Service teacher, Mrs. Ambrose and Mrs. Pearson

Mrs. Ambrose leads weekly sessions for some of the service children. This includes a challenge in maths group and creative writing. 

Mrs. Pearson works alongside Moulton CE Primary School. 


Social Events

"It was really fun because there were lots of activities." (Y5 child)


"It was nice because we got to meet new people who can sometimes have the same problems like when your parent goes away." (Y5 child)


"The food was delicious." (Y5 child)


Support for Service Families

If you would like to talk more about the provision we have in school, please get in touch with the school office: and request for either Miss. Rankin (Headteacher) or Mrs. Lawes (Pastoral teacher).

Mrs Bramley (Deputy Head) and a service parent worked together on a support pack for children whose parent(s) get deployed. After much discussion and research, please find the following document that was made. 

Deployment Pack

Recommended books to help children navigate deployment - we have copies of these in school so please do ask if you would like to borrow any.