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Fordham Primary School

Art and Design

We love Art and Design in our school!

Art and Design Long Term Curriculum Map

Design and Technology Curriculum Map 

The children enjoyed taking part in the Fly To The Line project where one of our groups ended up getting to the final at Duxford. It was a great opportunity to apply stem skills to a purposeful activity. It was a fantastic opportunity. 

DT Day

We carried out a fun and successful Design and Technology day throughout the school and split into key stages to complete different activities.

Years 1 and 2:

Task: To design, make and evaluate a kite for children to play with and enjoy.


The children spent the morning learning about the history of kites and testing different materials to see which ones would be the most suitable to make a kite out of. During the afternoon the children then had to use their knowledge from the morning to design and make their own kites using the different materials they had tested. The children then got to test out their kites to see how well they worked and then evaluate them against set criteria. The children really enjoyed this day, made some fantastic kites and have shown a great deal of creativity when making them.

Years 3 and 4:

Task: To design, make and evaluate a healthy cereal bar for children


The children began the day by looking at a range of different cereal bars that were already available. They then had to consider the different ingredients which were used to make them, if they were healthy or not and how popular each one was. From this research they were then able to design and make their own healthy cereal bar. They also looked at food hygiene and the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Once the cereal bars had been made the children carried out product tests to see if they had been able to make a tasty, healthy cereal bar. The children then evaluated their products against their own design criteria. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and the opportunity to cook and make a new product.

Years 5 and 6:

Task: To design, make and evaluate a freestanding photo frame


The children spent the morning looking at different photo frames which are already available. They then had to think about who they were going to design and make a photo frame for and why they were making it for that particular person. The children then made their photo frame following their designs. They had to use a range of materials and tools to make their frame. They then had to evaluate their frame based on their own design criteria. Once all the frames where completed the children shared their finished products with the rest of the 2 classes. The children had lots of fun using woodwork tools and glue guns to make their freestanding photo frames.

Over the course of the year, children participate in national and local competitions such as the Royal Mail Christmas Stamp design and designing the official Christmas card for the local MP.  We also display artwork within the local area such as at our local Church and surgery.  Formal exhibitions are also something we try to present at and for the past two years, we have exhibited work at the Babylon Gallery, Ely. 

Well done to the 30 children whose entries have been displayed at the Babylon Exhibition 2018.

An even bigger well done to Alex F for getting a third place award!