Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School


The area of history studied forms the basis of a class’ topic and, wherever possible, closely aligns with a class’ main text. We are in the process of changing our History curriculum to ensure that it is taught chronologically from Key Stage 2. We teach children about the history of Britain and the wider world whilst developing their historical skills (National Curriculum 2014). We aim to immerse children in the past through organising school trips, workshops and whole-school themed days. Additionally, we make purposeful, cross-curricular links with other subjects including ICT, Geography and English.

History Curriculum Map

 WW1 Remembrance Day

Every year, Year 5 lead us in our Remembrance Service at the village war memorial. As part of their History lessons, they find out how the war affected Fordham, Soham and Newmarket. 

Click on the picture below to see a part of our Remembrance Service led by Year 5.