Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages

French Long Term Curriculum Map 

In Key Stage Two, our pupils learn French, building a solid foundation for further foreign language teaching in Key Stage Three. Learning a language lifts children out of their immediate environment into the wider world, both linguistically and culturally. We aim to inspire pupils to develop their foreign language skills in an active, enjoyable and informal way, so that everyone feels able to participate in a supportive and valued environment. Our focus is on practical communication, which encompasses listening, spoken and written language. 

Pupil Voice

“I like other languages. I like the sound of the words.” (Y3)

“It’s interesting to learn another language and people who do interesting things are interesting people.” (Y3)

 “You could live anywhere in the world so you need to speak different languages.” (Y3)

“If you visit a different country and someone asks ‘How are you?’ in their language, it would be rude not to reply.” (Y3)

“If you are in another country, you might need to ask for directions.” (Y4)

“You might go on a business trip one day and need to speak to people in an office.” (Y5)

“You can speak to friends and family in another country.” (Y5)

“I’d like to have a job in France. It looks exciting and French desserts look delicious!” (Y5)

“It’s important for our lives that we learn to speak another language.” (Y6)

Bi-Annual KS2 French Eurovision Competition

Every class in KS2 rehearses and performs a song in French with KS1 as the audience. Last year, we were lucky enough to have Mrs. Upward from Soham Village College to help judge the competition. 

Mrs. Valentine (French Subject Lead)