Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School


Music Long Term Curriculum Map

Music is a universal language which inspires creativity, self-expression and a strong sense of community. Within our music curriculum, pupils have opportunity to listen, compose, perform and evaluate. They will explore the history of music and learn about the inter-related dimensions, developing appropriate musical vocabulary.

Children and staff enjoy every opportunity to lift voices in song and participate in hymn / singing practice each week. Pupils enjoy showcasing their musical talents through regular performances to the school community, including participating in the annual Young Musician of the Year competition organised by Soham Village College. 

At Fordham CE Primary School, we have peripatetic teachers who visit the school to teach guitar, piano, drums and singing and pupils are entered for the Associated Board Examinations in piano and singing. 

 Pupil Voice:

 “We used instruments to retell a story. Instruments like the triangle and drum. Everyone had different characters. I was the wolf.”

“We had to use a pencil and move it to the rhythm to make a picture.”

“We are learning Rock Around the Clock. We each had a strip of music to play. Some are singing, some are playing and then we swap.”

“Music can help people. It can make you feel calm or feel better.”

“Even if you’re not a musician, music is still fun. If you’re feeling sad, you can pick yourself up with music.”

“You might not get the chance to do music outside of school so it is nice to get the chance in school.”

“In music, you can do all do different things and come together to make one nice piece.”

“You can make loads of different sounds and I like the sounds you can make.”

“I like it because all the sounds are soothing.”

“We all have different imaginations and can use them in different ways.”

“We can interact with everyone.”

“Singing can bring everyone together.”

“We can make our own music and be creative.”