Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Religious Education

All children in our school have weekly Religious Education lessons based on the Cambridgeshire agreed syllabus. We teach RE with a 50/50 split between Christianity and different faiths.

Throughout their RE lessons, the children are offered high quality learning of all the major world religions, such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism. Our aim is to increase the children’s understanding of Christianity, whilst also raising their awareness of diversity within communities when it comes to other world religions. Each year group study more than one world religion in order to draw their own theological comparisons between different religions and to aid their understanding of beliefs in the world in which they live.  

Please look at the curriculum map for detailed information.

RE Curriculum Map

We aim to offer the children a creative RE curriculum and give opportunities to compare themes through the world's major religions. 

Year 1 enjoyed drawing images to represent the Creation Story


Click here to find out how Year 6 responded to the key question: 'What does Easter mean to you?'

Year 6 also led us in an assembly on theme of Freedom and Justice with a focus on Moses' life and how Christians follow Jesus' example. The quotes below are about some of their rules in order to make the world a safer, happier and more peaceful place. The children first looked at the 10 commandments and Jesus' words: 

'Respect the Earth in all the ways you can. This is the planet we live on and we should take care of it.'

'Try to be kind and helpful, even when life is hard and you're annoyed by someone.'

'Don't waste food as it could go to someone less fortunate than you.'

'Be kind to animals. Even through they aren't humans, I believe that they should be treated with equal respect.'

'Do not lie to anyone. Lying won't get you to a better place in life.'

'Respect everyone because if you respect them, they'll most likely respect you back.'


We have strong links with the church and enjoy many visits:

Click on the picture below to see a part of our Remembrance Service led by Year 5.