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At Fordham CE Primary School, we place reading for pleasure at the heart of our English curriculum.

Staff at Fordham enjoy using high quality texts as the basis of their English lessons and, wherever possible, link the text to our class topic. This ensures a range of cross-curricular writing for both audience and purpose, and well-planned lessons. In order to support this approach, we use and develop CLPE’s resources from ‘The Power of Reading’.

We follow a read aloud programme allowing children to experience and enjoy stories that they might not otherwise meet and we model expressive reading. Teachers plan for talk providing regular and sustained opportunities to talk together and understand the importance of illustration and how pictures work with the text to create meaning for the reader. Through the use of drama and role play, the children are provided with immediate routes into the world of a story and allow them to explore texts actively; the children can then extend this understanding to their reading and writing.

At Fordham, we hold lots of exciting events to improve children’s understanding of English Literature such as: holding book weeks, book fairs, a yearly Poetry Slam and hold, and enter into, competitions. We also develop the children's skills in editing and debating. Our Year 6 class recently had the opportunity to develop their public speaking and debating skills with a visit from Lucy Frazer QC MP. We feel that theatre and drama are really important in developing children's understanding of English as a subject and as such we organise trips throughout the year for children to attend. In February, the whole school enjoyed a visit from Aesop's Fables and were able to take part in drama workshops.

Please see below for a snapshot of the high quality texts that we use as part of our Power of Reading English Curriculum. Please note that these may change, or be added to, according to any changes in our Topics.

Key Stage 1 Power of Reading Curriculum Map 2018 - 2019

Key Stage 2 Power of Reading Curriculum Map 2018 - 2019

Year 5 visited the local Church to listen to a chapter of Goodnight Mr. Tom and feel what Willie Beech may have experienced when visiting the churchyard.

Year 1 enjoyed going on a hunt for clues to find out what their new Power of Reading book would be: The Gruffalo. 

There are significant changes to the English curriculum nationally so please do look at the documents below for exemplification:

English Programmes of Study KS1 and KS2

Grammar Progression Map Years 1 - 6

Pearson's Free Guide

English Glossary - guide created by the Government

English Glossary - with useful examples

Reading For Pleasure

It is really important that children read a variety of texts and that they do it for fun.  We have invested heavily into improving our school library and class-based reading corners so that children can access high quality texts throughout the day.

Reading For Pleasure  




We are keen advocates of the 'readathon' competition to help children read regularly.  Book fairs throughout the year also help children to access high quality texts for home as well as in school.


We help children to develop their speaking and listening skills so that they can debate using the proper protocols. The children really enjoy sharing their views and ask challenging questions of each other!

Friday 25th January 2019

Visit from Lucy Frazer, Conservative MP for South East Cambridgeshire

On Friday, Year 6 had a visit from Lucy Frazer. She led the class in two debates:

1) Hot Air Balloon debate where we had to decide which character we would save

2) Formal debate: Should we ban school uniform.


The children had a brilliant time learning how to build confidence and develop their public speaking skills. The children were exceptionally well-behaved, listened attentively, asked relevant questions and answered articulately.

Her closing message to the children was:

'If you believe in yourself, then others will believe in you.'



Debating Evidence - Zoos : Should animals be kept in a zoo?

Book Week 2019 - please see below for photos from our Book Week. Our theme was to come dressed up as an ambitious adjective to support our development of using ambitious vocabulary in our writing. We had great fun and learnt lots of new words too!



Book Week March 2019

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Theme: To come dressed up as an ambitious adjective

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Range of activities completed through the Power of Reading

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Book Week 2018

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An amazing array of activities.

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WWII Street Party

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Year 5 and 6 children have been learning about World War II and the text 'Goodnight Mister Tom'.

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Book Week 2016

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Reading for Pleasure

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We love reading!

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Book Week March 2016

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Wow! We wore pyjamas, read books for pleasure, carried out 'stop and read' sessions, held a book fair and participated in 'Readathon'.

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Chip The Storyteller

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Chip retold the story of Anansi and the how the tiger (Mr Towers) got tied up!

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Book Week 2015

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A celebration of activities based on books.

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