Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Equality Objectives

As a public body, we have to publish details on how we are complying with the public sector equality duty.  Please see below our objectives and compliance of the aforementioned duty. 

Please refer to the following policies:

- Equality and Diversity Statement

- Community Cohesion Policy


Check list for school staff and governors

  • Is information collected on race, disability and gender with regards to both pupils and staff e.g. pupil achievement, attendance, exclusions, staff training? Is this information used to inform the policies, plans and strategies, lessons, additional support, training and activities the school provides?
  • How has our Equality Plan been shaped by the views, input and involvement of staff, parents and pupils?
  • Is pupil achievement analysed by race, disability and gender? Are there trends or patterns in the data that may require additional action, and has action been taken to address these?
  • Does the curriculum include opportunities to understand the issues related to race, disability and gender?
  • Are all pupils encouraged to participate in school life? Are pupils who make a positive contribution reflective of the school's diversity e.g. through class assemblies / school council?
  • Is bullying and harassment of pupils and staff monitored by race, disability and gender, and is this information used to make a difference to the experience of other pupils? Are racist incidents reported to the governing body and local authority on a termly basis?
  • Are visual displays reflective of the diversity of your school community? How are minority ethnic, disabled and both male and female role models promoted positively in lessons, displays and discussions such as circle time and class assemblies?
  • Does the school take part in annual events, such as Black History Month, to raise awareness of issues around race, disability and gender?
  • Is the school environment as accessible as possible to pupils, staff and visitors to the school? Are open evenings and other events which parents, carers and the community attend held in an accessible part of the school and are issues such as language barriers considered?
  • Are the accessibility needs of parents, pupils and staff considered in the publishing and sending out of information, in terms of race, disability and gender?
  • Are procedures for the election of parent governors open to candidates and voters who have a disability?

The Governing Body at Fordham C of E Primary School are fully committed to creating an inclusive and empathetic environment for all of our children, families and staff. We encourage an LGBTQ+ positive atmosphere which develops everyone’s learning and are passionate about standing united against any LGBTQ+ phobia. Everyone’s rights and beliefs are valued. 

Laura Cox-Watson - Chair of Governors