Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Extra Curricular Clubs

At Fordham, we understand that extra curricular clubs enrich the curriculum and support children in developing new skills. 

We have some very talented members of staff at Fordham who enjoy offering lunchtime and after school clubs. Please see the list of clubs for this term.. We will also be taking part in lots of out of school sports competitions.

Summer Term: 

Monday: Chess Club, Homework Club, Y5/6 Girls' Football

Tuesday: KS Running Club

Wednesday: Y2 Art Club, Y2 French Club, KS2 Origami Club

Thursday: Y4 Times Table Club

Previous Clubs we have offered included: Lego Club, Christmas Craft Club, Backgammon Club, Calm Club, Times Table Club, Y6 Boosters

Outside agencies: We are fortunate to have Dellar Sports who run Active Play every lunchtime and lead a Multi-sports club after school on Thursday. We also offer drum lessons, guitar lessons and singing and piano lessons and we have an external dance company, 4th Dimension Dance Academy, who hold classes on a Wednesday afternoon. 

Here is one of our very talented pupils who has only been learning the guitar for one year. Wow! We hope you enjoy this performance.

The Sports Crew also hold clubs for each class throughout the year. They have led Sport Stacking for Key Stage 2 and Running Club.

Our Fordham librarians (Year 6) have initiated a Storytelling lunchtime session for KS1 where they read aloud some of their favourite stories. This has sadly been put on pause during Covid.  


Our School Garden: 

Our school garden is a work in progress but is currently getting a bit of a revamp so watch this space. 

In September, we contacted the D&T department at SVC to ask if their students could help make our garden area look a little more inviting. Within minutes of our email, Mr Mason, the head of department asked for some photos of our garden along with our wish list. He said his ‘D&T Community Warriors’ club would get on the case.

And get on the case they did, when last Thursday Mr Mason and his all-girl team arrived at our school armed with colourful plaques, bird boxes, signs and wooden planters that they had lovingly made. They kindly drilled holes and fixed everything into place and then donned some gloves and helped us to weed the area, all with huge smiles on their faces

We are extremely grateful to SVC for making such fantastic items. The girls were a real credit to Mr Mason; their enthusiasm and positive demeanour spread like wildflower and gave us the burst of energy we needed to begin planning for our own pupils to get into the garden now the good weather is here.

On that note, keeping the weeds from growing is a huge job we have in our garden area. If you are a budding gardener with time on your hands, please get in touch. We always welcome any man power in keeping the weeds at bay.