Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Extra Curricular Clubs

At Fordham, we understand that extra curricular clubs enrich the curriculum and support children in developing new skills. 

We have some very talented members of staff at Fordham who are currently offering the following clubs throughout the year: Spanish, Choir, Running, Glockenspiels, French, Netball, Girls' Football, SATs Booster, Book Club and Rounders.

Outside agencies: We are fortunate to have Dellar Sports who run Active Play every lunchtime and lead a Multi-sports club after school on Thursday. We have Premier Dance on a Thursday after school. We also offer drum lessons, guitar lessons and singing and piano lessons. 

Here is one of our very talented pupils who has only been learning the guitar for one year. Wow! We hope you enjoy this performance.

The Sports Crew also hold clubs for each class throughout the year. They have led Sport Stacking for Key Stage 2 and took over Running Club from Miss. Rankin in the Summer term. We look forward to seeing what the new Sports Crew get up to this year; we will keep you updated. 

Our Fordham librarians (Year 6) have initiated a Storytelling lunchtime session for KS1 where they read aloud some of their favourite stories.