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Free School Meals

We have created this page to give parents / carers more information about eligibility and the application for free school meals.  If you require additional information or support, please contact the school office who will happily (and discretely) help.

Universal Free School Meals

Those in Key Stage 1 and Early Years are entitled to a free lunch under the banner of 'Universal Free School Meals'.  However, once the children are in Year 3 and start Key Stage 2, these meals are then only available at a chargeable rate unless they are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM).  

Free School Meals

The Local Authority are able to check your eligibility for FSM via a secure Government website.  All you need to do is complete this form and return it to school:

Free School Meals Application Form 2023-2024

Regardless of a child's year group, it is worth applying for FSM from the moment they come to school.  This is because there is additional funding that is allocated to schools for children whom have a disadvantaged background.  The funding is known as Pupil Premium. 

Pupil Premium

If your family is eligible, additional funding is made available to our school by the Government.  We can then use this to support your child's learning and access to the curriculum.  If you are eligible for FSM, you are also eligible for Pupil Premium.  This money is sent directly to the school to organise appropriate provisions based on the needs of all children receiving the premium. 

Even if your circumstances change and you are no longer eligible for FSM / Pupil Premium, your children will be entitled to the funding for six consecutive years. This is known as Ever6 funding.

Further Information

We understand the terminology can be a little confusing so please read the Local Authority documentation below for further information or visit our Pupil Premium page to see how we spend the funding:

Free School Meals information from Cambridgeshire County Council

Free School Meals Explained

Do I qualify?

Change of Circumstance

Information for Parents/Carers whose children are starting school

Information for Parents/Carers whose children are transferring to secondary school