Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Lent Challenge 2020

This year, Bishop Stephen's Lent Challenge is looking at the theme: God's Creation, a gift or a loan? We undertook a range of activities that explore how we look after our environment and the wider world.  

Week 1: Planet Earth: The children considered how we can look after this wonderful planet, our earth and what we can do to make sure it has a future. 

Week 2: Our World, Our Climate: The children were asked to design some superheroes who will help protect our planet from Climate Change and explain their special powers. 

Week 3: Our School, Our Home Environments: The children were challenged to reuse some items from home. For example, a picture of a house created from used materials or something useful like a game. They could even make something useful from old clothes, or design new ones like a bag from a t-shirt.


Week 4: Our Country: The children were challenged to print off a map of the UK and locate places they have heard of, visited or would like to visit in the future. 

Week 5: Our Global Neighbours: To write a prayer that thinks about our world and the future.