Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School


Our Church

The church of St. Peter and St. Mary Magdalene has been in Fordham since before 1200, we don't know the exact date of its founding.  It is mentioned in 13th century documents so was up and running by then.  Initially the church was part of the monastic foundation of Fordham Abbey until the abbey was dissolved in the 16th century. From then on it has served as the parish church for Fordham.  In the 19th and early twentieth centuries much was done to beautify the church.  The roof, stained glass  and the internal paintings were all completed in this period.

Today the church is part of group of churches covering Chippenham, Fordham, Isleham, Kennett and Snailwell known as "The Three Rivers Group"

Visits to the Church

We regularly visit the Church for celebrations such as Harvest Festival, Christmas and Christingle.
Year 6 had a wonderful time visiting the church with Revd. David. The children enjoyed a variety of activities including bell ringing, looking more closely at the stained glass windows and a walk around the church grounds. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this afternoon happen. 

Year 2 enjoyed their tour of the Church learnt about the different sections of the Church. Thank you to Revd. Sue and Mel for running this.