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School Council


We would like to introduce our School Council representatives for this academic year. 

These children are elected by their classmates. To help improve our school, they meet regularly to discuss a variety of ideas, views and concerns that have been expressed by pupils or those raised by Mrs. Coates, school staff and school governors. 

We want to ensure that all pupils have: 

- a safe, happy, healthy, active and fair learning environment
- a place to voice concerns, worries and work out solutions
- the opportunity to learn problem solving skills
- an opportunity to take an active part in making decisions 
- an opportunity to experience a democratic process which expresses British Values and respects others
- a place to discuss behaviour/friendship problems or report bullying
- responsibility for the school environment 
- an opportunity to plan and organise projects which will make a difference
- the opportunity to speak, listen to others and debate issues
- an opportunity to manage a budget
- an opportunity to learn about roles, rights and responsibilities within the school and wider community. 

Autumn 2018 

The School Council have decided that their aim for the year is to achieve the Woodland Trust Green Tree Schools Award. They will be carrying out a range of activities and tasks in order to earn points towards this. Their first activity was to design a Tree Champion mascot, which could encourage others to be Eco-friendly.

Here are just a few of their designs!



Success Stories:

Over the past few years, the School Council have been very busy...

In Spring 2018, each School Council representative handed out a questionnaire to their classmates to find out their opinions on our school environment, which resulted in some extremely positive feedback. However, the area most children wanted to improve was to have more play equipment.

The School Council took this on board immediately and through exploring possible equipment on offer, decided to order: hula hoops, skipping ropes, ball catchers, balls and various other pieces of equipment that can be used at both break and lunchtimes during the Summer term.

Along with this, they found it incredibly important to ensure the school was safe and secure for all students and staff, so carried out a thorough health and safety walk through the school which was fed back to staff in their after school strategy meeting.

For Valentine's Day, the School Council wrote a letter to the school kitchen staff to persuade them to bake a special dessert for the school dinners. This was successful and the delicious heart biscuits went down a storm!

The School Council completed a learning walk with Mrs. Dunand with the focus area of health and safety, they also investigated new lunchtime resources that we could purchase.

The councillors also wrote a letter to Mrs Coates asking if a 1m2 school mosaic could be made. After researching pictures and getting ideas for a design, they made a competition where all the children in the school were invited to draw their favourite subject. All entries were fantastic and several ideas have been incorporated into the design.  Have a look at the slideshow below to see how they got on with making the design:


School Councillors with finished mosaic.