Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School


Staff List

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Meet our Senior Leadership Team

  • Miss. D. Rankin
    Headteacher & DSL
  • Mrs. C. Bramley
    Deputy Headteacher & DDSL
  • Mrs. J. Rogers
    School Business Manager
  • Mrs. C. Clay
    Pastoral and Welfare Lead & DDSL
  • Mrs. C. Vincent
    Curriculum Leader and Class Teacher
  • Mrs. S. Woodcock
    Early Years Lead and Class Teacher

 Meet our Special Educational Needs Team

  • Mrs. C. Dove
  • Mrs. S. Lycett
    SENCo & DDSL
  • Mrs. A. Lawes
    Pastoral Teacher
  • Ms. J. Martin
    Speech and Language Therapist

 Meet our brilliant Office team

  • Mrs. D. Plumb
    School Finance Officer
  • Mrs. T. Bradshaw
    Office Administrator
  • Mrs. J. Wells
    Office Administrator and Clerk to Governors
  • Mr. G. Newton

Meet our fantastic Teaching Staff 

  • Miss. L. Pack
    Class Teacher and Computing Subject Lead
  • Miss. C. Tofts
    Class Teacher and Science Subject Lead
  • Miss. H. Norman
    Class Teacher and RE Subject Lead
  • Mrs. K. Archer
    Class Teacher - Geography Subject Lead
  • Miss. J. Dellow
    Class Teacher - Music Subject Lead
  • Mrs. K. Sivyer
    Class Teacher - ECT
  • Mr. A. Lycett
    Class Teacher - PE Subject Lead
  • Mrs. S. Reeves
    Class Teacher - ECT
  • Mrs. E. Nicholson
    Class Teacher - Maths Subject Lead
  • Miss. M. Hayman
    Class Teacher - English Subject Lead
  • Mrs. C. George
    Class Teacher - Phonics Subject Lead
  • Miss. S. Day
    Class Teacher - ECT
  • Mrs. J. Holland
    Class Teacher - DT and Art Subject Lead
  • Mrs. Z. Valentine
    PPA Class Teacher and Languages Subject Lead
  • Mrs. S. Cook
    Class Teacher - *Maternity Leave
  • Mr. A. Archer
    PPA Cover - PE Deller Sports
  • Mr. J. Hirst
    Intervention Teacher

Meet our wonderful HLTAs and Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs. A. Bush
  • Mrs. N. Davenport
  • Mrs. L. Robbins
  • Mrs. N. Brown
  • Mrs. C. Blackgrove
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. D. Brecken
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. P. Bresler
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. A. Cowling
    Teaching Assistant
  • Miss. B. Ellis
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. C. Groves
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. K. King
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. C. Lee
    SEN Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. V. Levell
    Teaching Assistant (temporary)
  • Mrs. D. Pearman
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. N. Rickards
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. C. Robertson
    Teaching Assistant (temporary)
  • Mrs. L. Russell
    SEN Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. N. Sexton
    Teaching Assistant
  • Miss. S. Theobald
    Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs. L. Yeardsley
    Teaching Assistant

 Meet our amazing Lunchtime Staff


Koala Klub Staff

Mr. Dellar or Mr. Archer

Mrs. Ingram

Miss. Gates

Miss. Theobald