Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Timebank Volunteers


We are proud to be a member of the newly formed Fordham Timebank.  This is a wonderful organisation that links communities together. 

Something that we really want to develop over the next year is our intergenerational work.  We want our children, parents and staff to be supportive of generations other than their own. Sadly, due to Covid, an intergenerational project that we were looking forward to being involved with had to be put on hold and we look forward to when this can get back up and running. 

At Christmas, we wanted to spread some festive cheer. The children made Christmas cards for the Timebank to hand out to the elderly and vulnerable residents in our community as well as local businesses, along with Christmas puddings and calendars. 

Thank you to our families for their generous donations towards our Harvest Festival celebrations. We worked closely with the Fordham Timebank to distribute the packages to those in need in our local community.