Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

What If...

There are often many questions that parents / carers wish to ask but feel silly in doing so.  No question is ever not worth asking so please do contact us, however small your concern or query.

We have tried to list below the most frequently asked questions:


  • What happens if I am late dropping off / picking up?

In the morning, children go to class between 8.45 and 8.55am when registration takes place.  The gates are then locked.  Anyone arriving after this time must sign in at the front office.

Sometimes parents / carers get stuck in traffic and are running late to collect their children.  If this is the case, we ask you to phone ahead and let us know.  If you are going to be later than 3:30, we ask you to organise alternative collection as there may not be staff available to supervise your child.  Please see for further information on timings.


  • Where do I park my car?

The school car park is allocated to staff and visitors only. 

The Church car park is available for parents' use. You and your child can then cross the road safely at the School Crossing Patrol point. Please do not let your child run ahead to cross the road on their own. Parking is also allowed at Fordham Recreation Ground, which gives access to the school by following the path behind the all weather tennis court and through the gate at the rear of the school. There is an all weather pathway across the school field to allow access to the playground.

There is very limited parking in Isleham Road.   Please DO NOT double park, park on the yellow zig-zags or block entrances to other properties.

We do have a school travel plan for your perusal; please check out the webpage for further information.


  • Can my child cycle to school?

Yes, scooters and cycles can be used but children must dismount at the edge of the school grounds and walk in the rest of the way.  Cycle racks and scooter pods can be found at both the front and back of school..


  • Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

Yes.  However, the mobile phone must be switched off as they come on school site and handed in at the front office.  It can be collected at the end of the day. 


  • My child wants to bring toys / objects into school

Children often want to bring items into school.  However, these are often valuable to the children for sentimental and, sometimes, monetary reasons.  When they get misplaced, children are inevitably very upset. In order to minimise the upset, we suggest that children do not bring in anything additional to their school equipment and clothing.

However, any personal property that is brought to school is the child's responsibility. Clothing, school bags, lunch boxes, swimming bags etc. should be clearly marked with the child's name.


  • Can my child bring snacks to eat at break time?

Yes your child/ren are welcome to bring in a snack to eat at break time. KS1 are provided with fresh fruit for morning break whilst KS2 are allowed to bring fresh fruit / vegetables in. If you are providing your child with a snack, we ask that they have fruit or vegetables or a cereal bar - no crisps or chocolate bars.