Fordham Primary School

Fordham Primary School

Y6 Pony Academy Experience, Newmarket

We were thrilled to be able to work with the Newmarket Pony Academy and take part in a week-long, hands-on learning experience. The children have been taking part in various practical activities as well as learning to ride, and applying their English, Maths and Science skills to real life contexts. We have loved offering this opportunity to the whole of our Year 6 cohort. See below for some tweets and feedback from parents. 

'The impact of this week has been very positive; she's enjoyed all aspects of activities.'

'I think it has been a wonderful learning opportunity for children and I wish there were more activities like this for each year group.'

'Thank you so much to those who secured this opportunity for the children. It is a fantastic learning experience and one that shall be remembered for all the right reasons.'

'Working with horses has opened up a whole learning experience - thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.'

'A big thank you to all involved in the week.'

'She has grown in confidence and knowledge and taking part in activities out of her comfort zone.' 

'Please continue this - we also have a younger child who is hoping by the time they are in Year 6 that they will be able to come to the Pony Academy too.'